Monday, May 23, 2011

sewing: in red

This weekend, I bought a shirt that was a few sizes too large, because the fabric was awesome, as well as the price tag.  I thought, if I can’t take it in, I’ll use the fabric for something else.  In church on Sunday, I stared at this jacket for like ten minutes, dissecting the pieces in my head and studying the construction of it.  I think I might have a problem.
Here is what I have been sewing lately.
IMG_8729      image                                             I found this fabric on sale last  week. It feels and looks like linen, but to be honest, I didn’t look to make sure, the price was right, the color was perfect.  I’ve sewn a few skirts before (see here and here), but I’ve learned so much since then.  I loosely followed this Taking Notes Skirt pattern from Sewing in No Mans Land. I love high waist skirts.  I added a zipper in the back.  It’s bright, but not blinding and super light and airy, perfect for summer.
I made this little romper for baby h using two different tutorials.  For the top, I used the concept from the pillowcase dresses and for the bottom, I used the diaper cover pattern/tutorial from MADE. Instead of finishing off the top and bottom of each piece, I just combined them.  This one is a little less functional when it’s time to change diapers, but the next one I made, I’ll add snaps to the bottom.

Cute baby below.

And, I made this as a gift ages ago, for my beautiful friend Jodi and her sweet little Rio, but never shared the pictures.

See my other boppy cover post here.

Why is everything red/orange?  Well, I have no idea. What color are you feeling?


  1. Oh, I am SO loving that skirt you purchased. And I'm with you on the red and fav color palette has been changing lately, too, to incorporate reds, oranges and pinks. What's up with that? Hmm. Maybe it's all the excitement of summer. :)

  2. I've wanted to learn how to sew since forever, and I'm finally in a place with a sewing machine and someone to teach me. Keep the inspiration coming!

  3. I love that skirt! and the cute beebee.


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