Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’ve lost complete control of this post and I made a dress.

Anyways, I have given myself a bit of a challenge, I would like to try and make most of the kids clothes for the summer.  For one, It will be a great way to improve my sewing skills and second, I can’t deny the clothing designer inside, I think she’s been there since I was four, you can ask my mom to be sure.  Or see these old pictures I  found for further proof.

Olivia 019

Oh man.  Any excuse to share funny pictures of my little brother, I love.

Olivia 031Olivia 034

Now, how awesome is this? I actually still have that scarf.  But if you ever think that I will wear a pink kitten wearing a hat on my shirt again, you are mistaken.  Oh young Olivia, if you only knew what you were doing.

Olivia 024

And this, dress up time with the brothers, unfortunately only one of us was playing along. The dress was my mom’s, which has been cut up and used in my quilt, in pillows, in headbands, in everything.

Olivia 036

And, clearly, every girl needs a flowing cape when visiting the dunes with the family.  I taught my sister everything she knows.

I was obviously allowed to dress myself, because when my mom dressed us for family pictures, we looked like this… which is probably the reason we all put up the biggest fight, when she gets that look in her eye and asks us all to sit together.

Olivia 006Olivia 040

However, the whole point of this was to actually share the dress that I just made for the baby girl.  I wouldn’t have finished, if it weren’t for the fact that my kids both slept till 10:30 a.m.  Oh, glorious morning of coffee and sewing. 

I’m afraid you won’t even care about the dress, because of the greatness of this trip down memory lane a.k.a. the 80’s and 90’s were not the golden days of fashion… but if you’re still interested.


Dress: Jumper tutorial from Smile and Wave

Diaper cover: The Perfect Diaper Cover from Made

Fabrics: Herringbone in Grass || Sparrows in Lilac (both from Joel Dewey)


I made mine much bigger than Rachel’s, so it’s more like 6-12 months, perfect for end of summer/fall.

I also sewing the entire dress and then realized the birds were upside down.. so I had to pick it out and fix that.  I almost left it, but I’m sure some detail-freak will be proud of me for doing so.

How does one end this post?

… the end.


  1. I think you are perfect. Yes..a perfect little creative mommy machine..and I want to be like you when I grow up. Love, Leah

  2. Perfect fabric choices on that dress, that will look so cute on little h. And I would totally rock that kitten tee today. Just sayin.

  3. Do you have on lipstick in that family picture?? and I love the dress!

  4. Oh Liv you've always had the best style

  5. love the trip down memory lane. so cute! and little H's dress is DARLING! now if it just had a cape...


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