Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my creative space.

Just wanted to share pictures of my little creative corner of the world, because I just cleaned and organized the devil out of it, even down to throwing away tiny little scraps of fabric that were taking over the universe.  It was getting really hard to sew or do anything for that matter when the state of things looked like this. And I was carrying over all my messy projects to my husband’s desk, which he really loves. LOVES.

So now, it looks like this.


At least for a couple days…

Do you have a creative space?  Or an idea of what that would look like?


  1. Love it! Good for you! I cleaned up my office a bit this passed weekend but I still have lots more work to do...

    One day, when I'm *finally* finished with my office makeover, I'll post pics. :)

  2. I do have a creative space and it really, REALLY needs cleaning right now.

    Have you seen that book, "Where Women Create?" So inspiring!

  3. LOVE! Well done! Looks great! I am so glad you took pics and blogged this!

  4. I tagged you in a post! I hope you participate, I can't wait to see what your favorite things are. :)



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