Tuesday, October 5, 2010

baby growing diaries #5

What?  This is the first photo you’ve seen of pregnant me, how shocking!  How bizarre.  I mean, what an outrage.
Clearly, when it comes to belly-shot-sharing and other sharing, there are two kinds of people, those who do and those who don’t.  And since this is the first photo you’ve seen, it’s obvious which group I am in.   I have absolutely nothing against the other group, because I would never want to discredit the joys and excitement of documenting the wonderful journey of pregnancy ever.  EVER.  It’s really an incredible process, the beauty of a precious life growing inside of you.   So, take all the pictures you want, record every detail, share anything you want, it’s not about me.
But if I get my say about how I share and document my own baby growing adventures… which I do… I certainly have an opinion or two or four.
For example:
Don’t expect to find tons of maternity photos here.  I prefer taking pictures of fall leaves, sunsets, random inspiration, and a rather delightful, almost 2 year old… not so much my exposed or unexposed abdomen.  Asking for photos won’t increase the chances of them appearing, so in case you needed proof that I am pregnant… trust me, I am.
If you wondering if I want to you rub my growing belly, chances are  a huge resounding, no.  Unless, you actually created this child with me or happen to be a sibling to this baby,  I’m good with no touching.  I mean, would you want me to rub your un-pregnant belly?  No, really?  Strange.  But, you could buy me a latte, never a mocha, or make cookies, or write a sweet note to the baby, which I will be sure to save and read aloud to her.  Those are wonderful alternatives.
It is also unlikely that you will find extensive details about how little miss h arrives, namely the graphic, intricate, “fluid-related” bits.  If you’re really curious, there is a video called the miracle of life or something… or there’s a good chance that at any moment, you could turn on TLC and see someone delivering a baby.  Further, I won’t be sending out any invites to join me in the delivery room on that wonderful day, the husband is all the company I need.  I just feel like it’s our moment and I generally like seeing people when I’m clean, showered, and well, not experiencing some of the greatest pains known to humanity.  I do, however, enjoy visitors who come after the major event and who stay for appropriate (short) amounts of time.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that while I enjoy sharing memories and pieces of my life very much, I’m a bit more private when it comes to pregnancy and child birth. 
But there are some things that I am more than willing to share such as…
how wonderful it is to feel my baby moving inside of me, hearing that heartbeat on the monitor, thinking about the person she’ll be.
how excited we are to meet her and become a family of four.
news of her blessed arrival.
photos galore of the little lady.
and endless adventures together.

So, thanks for listening to my little story. In case you ever wondered where are the photos? what are the details?
… now you know.


  1. good for you, I feel the same way about these things :)

  2. totally get it. however, i must say, your picture is ADORABLE. ;) so at least you have one great proof of how cute you are pregnant.

  3. Good to know.

    Have a great pregnancy!

  4. I love this, naturally. And...despite your lack of photos, I do love the on you posted. You're one of my favorite pregnant friends. Just thought you should know.

  5. Thank you wonderful ladies! You are so sweet.

    I'm not saying there will never be pictures, just not very often. :)

  6. Very well written and like most of the other women I think we all agree and understand. I guess I wasn't one to intentional avoid the camera either though. I tried to keep any photos as natural as they would be if I were not pregnant.
    I think its is a great photo of you, not because I needed to see your belly but because the outfit is a perfect fall outfit with a beautiful background and your hair looks amazing.

  7. I'm exactly like you- I'm not a big fan of touching people I don't know, and I love that you're so private with your pregnancy. The photo of you is lovely. I imagine that when your little girl sees it she's going to think the same thing.

  8. Oh my word Olivia, thanks for expressing my sentiments re:pregnancy & personal space. I was always a wreck before entering public with a gi-normous pregnant belly. Too nervous to tell peops don't touch!.. but so anxious of the inevitable outcome.
    Ahhhh, the joys!
    So happy for you and little tiny Harper ;)


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