Monday, October 18, 2010

London, Avery, and Ellery

Scarf season is upon us, here is a peek at some of the designs you’ll find in my shop this fall/winter season…
My little fingers have been busy the past few weeks with some custom orders for scarves and cowls.  If you’re interested in placing an order, please contact me here and I’d love to knit one or more for you.
I’ll be adding more designs and colors to the shop in the next couple weeks. 
I’m also offering free shipping when you order two or more scarves. 
A sweet little someone is having a birthday this week, so be looking for a sneak peek at the party décor and another Thursday’s Someone post, featuring another inspiring person.


  1. I am in love with the royal blue! Keep it up; they look great!

  2. Ok, I'm not sure if I could love these scarves any more...each one is so darn lovely and elegant!!!
    Here's what I need to know, what type of wool are they made with? Winters in my southern home are not as extreme as my native home in Canada. Although who couldn't stand to lose a few inches on their neck throughout the holiday season...gobble, gobble.
    Please send this link to my husband, and have him choose for my birthday/Christmas!!! :D

  3. oh man these are amazing scarves id love to get one. what colors do you have?

  4. Jen- I can do a variety of colors, what are you interested in?

    Marisa- I'm using a yarn that is a mix of lamb's wool and acrylic.
    A super chunky and soft yarn that you'd find in most stores.

  5. these are great! love all three.


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