Thursday, October 14, 2010

helping the babies

If there is one thing that breaks your heart as a mama,  it’s the babies, the sweet little kiddies who need love and safety and a home.  Every hurting child you see, you can’t help but hurt for them, because what if they were your own?  Which is why I can never watch anything where little kids are hurt/hurting or in danger.  Such things don’t go sit well in the heart of a mother.

Lately, I’ve been coming across so many wonderful blogs, recording the journeys of families, who are answering the call and opening their arms and homes to children through adoption.  Their stories are beautiful, rich in love, and from the little I know about the process… long and challenging. 

I don’t know if we will ever adopt, I can’t say that it a desire stirring within my soul, but I know that if we feel called, we will gladly accept the challenge/blessing.    However, I do know that my heart is ever compelled to help enable others to follow their dreams and pursue their callings.   We want to be the kind of people who are part of making dreams reality, whether it be through encouragement, prayer, or support. 

I know that I don’t have hundreds of readers, but it doesn’t take hundreds to make a different, just you and me.  So,  occasionally, on this blog I’m going to be sharing some ways that we can be involved in making dreams reality.   You and I may not be the ones to adopt, but we can surely aid those who are, we can have a part in helping a sweet little one belong to a family and families belong to  sweet little ones.

While perusing through blogland, I read about this sweet family who is the process of adoption, the Andersen's.  They are hoping that by the end of the year, a little girl from Ethiopia will come home to them.  In efforts to raise the funds, a massive giveaway in underway for Share the love week.

Over 46 great shops have donated incredible items for five different bundles of gorgeous things.  The way you enter is by a paypal donation.  The details are all on the blog.  Even if you don’t win, you have a part in making this family’s dreams a reality.

If  nothing else, keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare to bring their little lady home.

Here are a few other opportunities to make a difference:

This beautiful couple is raising money for their adoption by holding a race.  Read more about it here.

This family is raising money by selling these awesome shirts that say, Adoption Rocks.

And something a little different…

This beautiful mama is celebrating her birthday, but raising money for a freshwater well in Africa.


Hope you can check out a few of these links and spread the word about these people who are doing amazing things.

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