Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got lost… in etsy-land.

Since I’m not researching and hunting for cribs, swings, and all those big item essentials the second time around, I get to spend time perusing fun things like toys and clothes… 

And you know that once you start looking on etsy, you’re in trouble… at least for the next hour or so.   Here are some  of sweet little toys that I found and I thought I’d share the fun with all of you.

{click the image to be directed to any of the shops.}


I just love the variety that you can find when you search for handmade unique toys, the major stores are generally stocked with toys that you might call generic and boring…  because obviously all little boy toys must be blue and little girls must have pink dolls*, right?  Wrongo, my friend.   You might pay a few more dollars for a handmade piece, but you know your getting something that was made by a person who loved what they were making rather than a machine… that is a machine.

And that’s all I have to say about that…

Another Top 10 coming later tonight.

*Most dolls are kinda creepy, no?



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