Friday, October 15, 2010

dear harper baby

Last night, we climbed into the rocking chair and I read your brother, Hudson, a story, “The Little Engine That Could.” As the toys and animals asked the engines to take them over the mountain, I used a different voice for each train.  H laughed so hard that he could hardly breathe.  Every single time.  It was the best.  The kind of laugh that becomes silent because your entire being is affected.
And with every all-consuming giggle from your brother who was snuggled in as close as possible, infringing on what you might call your space, you gave a little nudge.    It was the sweetest thing.  Maybe you thought it was funny too or perhaps you were feeling a little squished. 
Either way, my little H’s, we’re going to have lots of fun, I just know it.
26 weeks today.


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