Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Premiere of Thursday’s Someone

I’m really excited to kick off a new feature here on the blog, where I get to introduce you to talented and interesting people, that you should know.  I hope to bring interviews and stories about creative and inspiring people, who not only make cool things but who are doing amazing things with their lives.
We’re kicking things off with Regina Cummings.  She runs a fun etsy shop called VivatRegina, which highlights unique handmade jewelry and most recently, the most adorable baby mobiles.  She also blogs about her creative life, her current adoption/foster parenting process, and more.  I asked her some questions that you might wonder yourself.  Enjoy!
Regina Cummings
Tell us who you are and a little about yourself.
My name is Regina and I’m a happily married woman to a wonderful husband and Youth Minister. My life consists of working for an online high school, going to church and being involved in many ways there, crafting, keeping house, running around after a Youth Group, taking care of our two cats and one dog, completing the application process to get dual licensed for Foster Care/Adoption, reading books/magazines/blogs, planning fun events, and then relaxing by watching “my shows” or just sitting out on our patio and breathing in life, nature and our Creator.
Tell us what a picture perfect fall day in your life would be like.
[This one was tricky because I had two perfect days in mind… so I decided to mesh them together.] It would be a cold, drizzly morning and my closest friends and I would be piled up in my living room, snuggled under blankets and watching chick flicks and romantic movies. We would talk about life, men, cute butts, hair styles, accessories, God, love, the future, the past, our hopes, our wishes, our dreams. We would sip hot chocolate and eat too many brownies. Then in the afternoon the rain would stop, the sky would clear and we would change clothes, put on our rain boots, grab our kids and significant others and head out to a Pumpkin Festival where we would scour the field for the perfect pumpkin, listen to folk music while eating homemade goodies, go through a corn maze and then close with a hayride.
Name five things (not people) you’d never want to live without.
My phone, computer,  chapstick, a bathroom with shower, books to read, music, paper and pens.
{Regina, this is 8 things.}
Name one place you have never been but dream of visiting.
Europe. I’ve dreamed of going to Europe for as long as I can remember. I am planning a trip to Italy in 2016 or 2017, for my husband and I. It’ll be a guided tour vacation package for about 10-12 days.
What is your favorite word?
Tofurkey. Which is tofu turkey and I have never eaten it or tried it, but just saying the word makes me smile.
Because we’re all human, what is the biggest challenge to your creativity/inspiration/success?
I would say time/money/laziness are tied.
What project are you most excited about currently?
Other than this process for Foster Care/Adoption, it would have to be my new line of children’s room mobiles.  I’ve got some really cute designs sketched out, now I just got to get them in production mode.
Birds and Cloud Mobile. Your colors. Made to Order.
What would you tell someone who wants to be more active in their creativity/interests?
Take some advice from Nike and “just do it”. Seriously. I had been wanting to paint for a long time and I was nervous, but I just finally went and bought my supplies and started painting. I loved it.  I did the same thing with jewelry and scrapbooking. I was nervous and unsure, but I’ve learned to stop holding myself back based on fears and insecurities and just go for it. There are TONS of online videos on youtube and other places that can teach you how to do new projects.  I learned how to crochet by watching online videos.  So do your research, buy your supplies and just do it.
Who is one artist/designer/crafter/inspiring person that you would want readers to know about, also?  
Hands down, Marc Chagall, find out more here.

Thanks Regina for taking time to share about your life and creativity here on The Saturated Palette.  Be sure to check out her blog and super cute shop
Also, if you have other questions, you’d love to ask future guests, let me know in the comments.


  1. YAY!!! Thanks for featuring me! :)

  2. Interesting to read more about Regina, thanks for the feature Liv!


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