Friday, September 17, 2010

baby growing diaries #4

Thankfully, I’m feeling so much better, I’m sure it’s partially related to the fact that cool fall temps are here, replacing the hot, sweltering ones that sucked the life from my being.  Hooray for fall.  Hooray for feeling human-like.

Big news: I ate chicken.  I know, I can’t believe it myself.  The meat lover in me is seeping through the cracks, like the lady trapped  in the wallpaper*.  Last weekend, I visited the outdoor garden market, across the street and they had a whole sampling of tasty dishes using zucchini, one was a spicy tortilla soup and it was divine… chicken and all.  I came home and made it for dinner.  I ate two bowls.

Then, yesterday after watching a few hours of the Food Network, my mouth was watering over the steaks and barbeque and ribs and Italian beef sandwiches from Chicago.  Meat, meat, meat.  Give this girl some meat.  Although, I’m not sure about ground beef or hot dogs yet, but if you arrived at my door with a tasty medium rare steak, I’d eat it right away.

I think my husband is sleeping better now, because he’s not worried that I will actually remain anti-meat forever.

Another note of interest:  if you brought me a volcano roll or Japanese tempura bagel roll from a certain sushi restaurant in central Florida, I would love you forever and ever.  But, what I really meant to say was, after the baby is born, silly… because of course, I follow all the rules. 

All the time.

Rule follower, right here.

So recap:  Feeling better.  I want a steak.  I want sushi. 


Next time on the baby growing diaries: 

1.I tried on a pair of maternity jeans and lived to tell about it.

2. The moment it hit me that we are actually, for real having another baby.

22 weeks today.


*Did anyone catch my allusion to Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s, The Yellow Wallpaper?  My favorite short story of all time.


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  1. The Yellow Wallpaper! That story has haunted me since junior year. I love it!


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