Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It’s Wednesday and…


  1. I’m waging war on the closets.  So far, I’m victorious.
  2. I’m rearranging and sorting and tossing things, because I always feel like we have too much stuff.
  3. I’m moving my desk into the main room because our bedroom is a little too crowded… and my belly is growing… and there is currently no space for even a small bed for baby H, when she arrives.
  4. I’m waiting for the internet guy to come, so we won’t have to fuss with using our phones for everything.
  5. I’m thankful that Mr. fussy pants didn’t protest his nap.
  6. I’m looking forward to the husband having a night off, even though I am creating a short list of things I need him to do.  The desk won’t move by itself, now.
  7. I am ever in love with the glorious tree on fire with the colors of fall,  that fills our four living room windows with beauty. (compensating for the vertical blinds)
  8. I’m making loaded baked potato soup, perfect for a cool, rainy evening.
  9. I’m delighted that you stopped by my little blog.  I’d probably keep writing even if no one read it, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.  So thank you.

What about you?  How are you?  What are you loving and doing and dreaming today?



  1. It's rainy here too!! Not so much cool yet, but it's getting there slowly... Today I'm dreaming of chilly days, snuggling up watching movies and drinking hot chocolate and maybe of getting to actually do that sometime this winter with kiddos. :) EEK!

  2. Well now I'm dreaming about baked potato soup. That sounds like something I might actually want to eat...going to have to hunt some down because you know I'm not making it :)

  3. still super hot here in florida. cant wait for the cooler weather. that loaded potoato soup sounds yummy can i have that recipe?

  4. It was over 90 degrees in Richmond and I am stuck studying all night. Could you make me a chilled soup instead?

  5. Thanks for all the comments ladies!

    I feel terrible for you girls with sweltering temps!!! You're invited to come for soup and cool temps anytime!!

    Recipe coming soon!


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