Friday, September 24, 2010

fabric everywhere.

I took the plunge.  I caved.  I entered the world of buying fabric online and I’m not looking back.  I took Jessica’s recommendations and began to fall in love with the fabric that I found at Hawthorne Threads.
IMG_5264 IMG_5265
Originally, I was smitten with the Hanging Cages print and wanted to use it in baby H’s bedding, but then I found another line of prints that I loved, so I ordered one yard, just to see it in person.  It’s amazing and the colors match the colors that are already in the room perfectly. So, I’m torn once again.  Oh, decisions, decisions.  I also adored the city map (of Paris) print, since the moment I saw it and I needed a yard of that too, not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but it belonged with me. Somehow in my mind, the two prints go together, much to the confusion of others.   I like it that way.  The Poppy Bouquet was added to the order on a whim, but it’s amazing and perfect for a  cozy blanket for baby.
IMG_5253 IMG_5257 IMG_5261
This blanket was finished at the expense of almost losing my sanity (the sewing machine and I were engaged in battle, but I won, in the end.)  I love the blanket.  I love the print.  It’s soft and cozy, perfect for a winter baby.  It’s cute and stylish, perfect for my winter baby. 
I can’t believe didn’t know about the wonderful world of fabric online until now…  the fun has just begun.
What are some of your favorite fabric designers and sites?


  1. yay! obviously, the map and cages go perfectly together. Makes perfect sense. I think it usually looks cooler to pair together fabrics that aren't in a collection together anyway.

  2. Liv, those fabrics are fantastic, I can't wait to see your creations! And I love that blanket - beautiful!

  3. I think that your fabrics are lovely, and I may have to look into fabrics online... even though I am not quite sure what I would do with any fabric I might fall in love with.... we'll just see how it goes. : )
    PS- I love, love, love Harper's blanket! So unique and pretty!

  4. I saw your new post with some great fabrics and thought to myself, but I still like the other fabrics that you had shown before. Especially, the hanging cages, then I noticed this post that I missed. I'm glad to see that you were able to get these fabrics. Fabric is so much. Can't wait to see all the great Harper things that you create.


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