Wednesday, September 29, 2010

in this crazy life…

Yesterday, oh yesterday. 
Let me give you some highlights.
My husband worked 13 hours, second day in a row.  I changed an excessive amount of diapers.  My son discovered that he could climb on the coffee table and lunge towards the couch. Fortunately, I was sitting right there to catch him.  My son discovered he could climb onto the end table and climb across the back of the couch and onto the computer chair that was next to it.  My son translated, “Don’t push on the window screen to please by all menas, keep pushing on the screen.”  My son learned that the cup he plays with in the bathtub could pour water all over the bathroom floor… and that is obviously a very fun thing to do. 
Oh my.  Needless to say, I implemented the “early” bedtime (1/2 hour earlier), that we save for special occasions  (i.e.  days like today and Thursdays when the Office comes on at 8).
Still, I won’t call it a terrible day, because…
I received countless wet and slimy kisses and hugs from the same child as mentioned above, who when he’s not a wild thing scaling furniture  is the sweetest little love that you could possibly imagine.  I got to take a nap.  I drank coffee.  I learned that little h is now approximately the size of a loaf of bread.  AND for the first time ever, in the history of the world, when I asked H if he wanted to sit on the potty, he said YES and proceeded to do so for a short moment…. instead of clinging to me like a scared little monkey and closing the potty and running out of the room in fear.
(Note:  moments later, he closed the lid to the potty and ran out of the room, like a scared little monkey, but in my book, that’s a success folks.)
And that’s just a snapshot of my day.  It’s a crazy life.  It can be tiring, but I have the coziest bed, lots of kisses,  and coffee machines.  So, it’s a good one, of this I am sure.


  1. Yay Hudson! Nathaniel really loves the "pobby" as he calls it- he wants to sit on it after I do most times. Never to actually do anything, but its a start, right?! One step closer to "Hey I have 50 extra dollars in my pocket because I don't have to buy diapers every month." Which of course will go straight into savings- I would never squander away hard earned money on things like pumpkin spice lattes, shopping trips to Target and eating at Panera everyday. Never. : )

  2. love this post. i too am grateful for all the goodness within not-so-good days. oh, a naps! i love naps!


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