Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dear baby

You’re going to be born right in the middle of winter.  When I say winter, I mean nothing like what we were used to in Tennessee.  It snowed approximately three days each year and the snow rarely stayed on the ground through nightfall.    For some reason, we decided to move up here to the land where winter weather lurks for half the year and the temps like to dance the line between insanely freezing and brain numbing frigidity. 
I’m sorry.
I don’t know what we were thinking, but the fall weather is lovely and there are lakes, 10,000 of them.
So, we’ll welcome you into the cold, dark, freezing, icy world, but I promise to make sure you stay extra warm and cozy with this chunky purple hat, complete with earflaps  and this cute  diaper cover for your little behind.
Oh, I also knit this little sweater for you too, but to be honest, I think it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever made and it’s not going in your closet.EVER.  I promise the next one will be better. In my defense, it was the first baby sweater that I tried to knit.
IMG_5148 See, I’m already looking out for you and your style.  You’re welcome.  That’s what I do.
So, while there’s nothing I can do to stop the blistery winter weather, I will do my best to keep you looking your best and warm at the same time.  My gift to you.
22.5 weeks today.


  1. that hat is so cute! I will be matching harper in my purple OMoore scarf.

    The sweater isn't that bad...what if you put some of your buttons on it or some trim or something?

  2. What a beautiful color for Harper's hat and diaper cover! I love it. That little hat is just about the cutest thing ever. And the sweater is not that bad... well, maybe it is. : ) Perhaps Harper could dress one of her dolls in it one day?

  3. Jessica- I spent an hour playing with buttons and ribbons and fabric... and I hated everything, so I concluded that it was the sweater.

    Lori- maybe I'll save it for memory sake, except I'm not a saver.... we'll see.

  4. you're hilarious. at least you made up for the sweater with the adorable hat and diaper cover! :)

  5. How super cute! Well... at least the hat is... ;) I'm sure Sweater #2 will be much better and more worthy of gracing Harper Baby! :D


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