Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Picture 070

We have a thing for benches, placed perfectly under grand willow trees. It started on our first date.

Santa Monica and more 061

We always feel too far away from the ocean, unless the spray from the waves is on our faces.
Park and Universal Studios 010
We believe that looking at the camera is highly overrated, most of the time.
Redondo and Corona del Mar Beach 130

We can’t be bothered with being boring and serious, but we are serious about a few things like Jesus, sunsets, coffee, books, and art.
Carrigan Wedding Pictures 526

We prefer change, mystery and adventure to routine, details and plans, after all, planning the wedding was complicated enough.  But, it was a wonderful day, one of the best. 

A Fall Day 037

We left part of us in California, one day we’ll go back.

It only took five months for us to run out of reasons to not start our family.

Best idea we ever had.

We care less about having the best things and more about having the best life.

We’ve had lots of adventures,  and we’re always ready for more.


We’ve been married three years today and all of this is just the beginning of our story.
That’s a little bit about us, what about you?  What makes your love so great?  What makes your story worth telling?  What are you doing with this crazy, beautiful life?


  1. So sweet. Beautiful pictures. Lovely love story. I heart it.

  2. How romantical! I love this cute story! I hope you have it in a scrapbook somewhere so you can continue adding to it and pass it on to your children one day! It's just lovely! :D

  3. Thanks girls. Regina, I don't scrapbook, at all. But I'll find a way to save this somehow.


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