Thursday, September 16, 2010

dear baby, right now is my favorite.

Someone is a mere month away from turning two.  I could be shocked that you’ve grown from my sweet not-so-little baby to this amazingly funny and marvelous little boy, but I’m not.  After all, time does not stop of endearing parents and October comes every year. 
I have to tell you that your mommy was very nervous about you approaching the landmark age of 2, I’ve heard the horror stories and trembled in fear.  For a few months this summer, I thought I saw a glimpse of this terror, but to be fair, we just moved across the country, lived in someone else’s basement, moved into our own place, and then came the glorious first trimester of sickness galore.  But, now that we are settled into our new home and I feel like a human being again, you’re starting to act like one too.
These days, I can’t get enough of you as my little boy.  This is the best age yet.  It’s my favorite.
I mean, I loved bringing home all 9 lbs 7 oz of you and cuddling you in my arms all day.  I marveled when you discovered the fascinating things we call hands and feet.  I cheered you on as you learned how to crawl and walk.  Every little stage of growth and learning have been tremendous.  I cherish them all.  They are all my favorite.
Like right now, my favorite.
You fascinate me and I can’t get enough of you.  You are crazy and silly and sweet and loving.  I’m amazed at this little person you’re becoming, with strong opinions and certain interests.   You’re the best combination of sweet and wild.  The other day you were "roaring” at a couple standing behind us, in the airport.  And every time you see a baby, you face wrinkles as you say, “aww,” just like mommy. It melts my heart.
Of course, you  present us with a few challenges. For example, you’re good at obeying, except when you don’t want to and you can be so stubborn, just like your… ahem, father.  You’re  not always interested in eating dinner or picking up your toys at night and no matter how many times we say no, you still  think the kitchen cupboards are your personal storage space.
But, when I hold you, you wrap your  little arms around me like you’re actually holding me and you are quite certain that my personal space is yours.  You make me laugh all day long.  By the way, today, I found the plastic wrap in your toy box.   But, you’re right, it does make a fun sound when you talk into the tube.
In four short months, your world will be rocked with the arrival of little sister Harper and we’re so thrilled.  It’s going to change all of our lives and it won’t be long until we wonder together what we ever did without her too.  But until then…
I plan on loving every minute with you, my baby turned little boy, eating our cereal on the couch in the mornings, playing with trucks and monsters,  looking at your alphabet flashcards, running around the house dancing, every hug, and every kiss.
… and the glorious 12 hours that you sleep every night, have I ever told you how much I appreciate that?
The best part is that, you’re going to keep learning and growing every day and I know that will be great.
… but right now is my favorite.


  1. love this. enjoy every single second.

  2. I love your letters to your little ones. I am totally stealing this idea and using my blog...when the day write letters to my children as well. Don't you just love "the blog"? Also, I'm hoping some creative person out there will come up with a way to make your personal Facebook into a diary/journal/book thing. That would be awesome. Then I can have 5 years of my life in one place, maybe on a shelf like a Yearbook? Aaaaah, the memories. Cuz you know, our lives are recorded on Facebook! HA! The good...the bad...the weird...the...

    I'm babbling, sorry. ;-) Love you Liv...and your writing. You're the best.

  3. my daughter is almost 15 months and these feels are so close to my heart. Thank you for writing.

  4. Awe! They are so precious...and a wonderful. God bless each day!


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