Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I made a sheep… bear.

My thoughts have been re-directed as of late to all things cute and cozy for little babies.  Image of Knit Little LambFor obvious reasons.
So, when I received a yarn catalogue in the mail the other day, I was inspired to knit one of these  little buddies.   
This is the image from the pattern, I read over the instructions and thought that it sounded easy enough.
This was supposed to be a lamb, but I think mine looks more like a bear, which is fine with me.  I also just used whatever yarn I had and substituted the brown for  blue.  Mine also grew by a few rows in both the body and the arms and legs.  That is because I don’t care for numbers and I don’t like keeping track, but I found a handy dandy tally counter app on my phone and that helped. 
IMG_5080 What I meant to say is… I took some creative liberties, because I don’t like following rules and I am an artist.
During the 8 hours, I spent knitting this  little bear, I realized a few things:
1.  I generally like projects that I can finish in one sitting.
2.  I struggle with following patterns, they are too restricting.
3.  Knitting little yarn friends is not going to be my newest creative endeavor.  So, don’t expect one in your Christmas gift. 
However, it was fun to successfully finish the project and as you can see from the following images, I think the end result is H approved.
IMG_5069 IMG_5071 IMG_5072  IMG_5074 IMG_5075
Last night, I thought I wouldn’t ever want to make another one, but baby girl might need one of these.
Next I’m going to try to make a little sweater for baby H.  Wish me luck…


  1. Cute, Liv! Can't wait to see the sweater.


    P.S. Ivy's boots are from H&M!

  2. How cute! It looks loved.

  3. i love it. i cannot wait until i have the energy to start baby projects! oh why can't we just skip the awful part?

  4. that turned out so cute! and i love th yellow chair too. (and the child on the chair is cute too, of course.....)


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