Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Since bloggers everywhere are celebrating the boy this month, I thought I’d share a little project that I sewed for my boy.

This one has a serious love of hot wheels, no doubt because of his hot wheels loving daddy.  It’s pretty much their thing.  I mean, he’s acquired quite the collection… good thing they are like a dollar a piece.  He even knows when one is missing and when this happens, it’s pretty much like the shepherd in the Bible who leaves all the sheep in search of the lost one.  It’s also super annoying because we have to guess which ONE is missing, to know what we’re looking for, but he knows.  He even sleeps with his cars, yes, he does.

For the longest time, he carried around his collection in a little shoe box. But wouldn’t you know, the shoebox died after a few months of love.  It was time for an upgrade.  One night, I whipped this up from a pair of old pants and some felt.  I added the car and letters in felt, because he knows all of his letters and I’m so proud. 

It took a few days for him to warm up to the switch, after we threw the box away, while he was asleep, but now he’s good and his collection has a suitable home.  Cars for everyone.  But… never, never matchbox cars.  Daddy’s rules.


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