Thursday, March 31, 2011

even my coffee is tired.


People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.  -Leo J. Burke

It’s not that I don’t sleep at night, because both of my kids have always been really good sleepers, I can’t even complain.  Sometimes, I even take naps. NAPS! Also spelled, heaven.  I probably get more sleep than most people who have new babies, it’s just that I think my slumbering hours are broken. defective. ERROR. All 7-8 hours seem to be showing signs of malfunction, because hello, I’m freaking out of my mind tired. 

How exactly does this happen?  How do the demands of ones day begin to snatch away the energy gained in beautiful, recharging sleep deeming them ineffective?

Is it changing one too many diapers? Is it saying, “Don’t climb on your baby sister!” 34 times a day instead of 33? Is it trying to serve that third meal to the ever picky, food-hating toddler? Two would be fine, but three? Three’s a killer.  I would say yes, to all of the above. 

Sleep thieves. Darling parasites of sanity. Robbers of energy,  of the cutest variety and their names start with H. I mean, I’m just crazy about them, but seriously, they are professionals, always on their A game.  Kids.

The other day, I sent a text to the husband saying, “Your children have been keeping me super busy today, which is rather inconvenient since I’m not even awake.” He texted back that he was sleeping too. Yesterday morning I informed my two year old and my two month old that we would be switching roles today.  I was the one who would play, watch movies, have my meals prepared, fall asleep whenever I wanted, wake up demanding something, play for a while, and then at my leisure, fall back asleep.  Much to my dismay, they didn’t buy it.  They didn’t even consider it for one second.  How rude.

Ok. Well.  Whatever the point of all this was, I can’t be sure… Another day is starting and I hope this coffee is strong.  Although, I’m worried that even my coffee is tired.

The end.




  1. aw. this makes me yawn just reading it. hope ten minutes of rest feels like ten thousand today. xoxo

  2. what? you mean momhood isn't all rainbows and crayons and smiles?? ;) praying for you to have deep, rejuvenating rest tonight. ♥

  3. Oh dear. I am SO sorry! I know I feel like I can never get enough sleep now, so I can only imagine! when little ones come along. I will be a zombie! I wish I could brew you a stronger cup of coffee.

    Also I sent a similar I'm sleeping with my eyes open text to my hubs the other day. Too funny! His response was also I'm sleeping.

  4. It is amazing to me how you are 42 million miles away from us, but you are still able to form my exact thoughts in an entertaining, sensible fashion. Something I am too tired to do right now.
    AKA, I feel your pain. : )


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