Sunday, March 27, 2011

little h and the doll hunt


  Hey, guess what?  Sometimes babies cry.  It’s true, in case you wondered if mine was of the non-crying variety, here’s proof.  The good thing about babies is that they can even be cute when they are crying.  Adults don’t have that ability.

So, here’s little h crying, because I really don’t know why.  I found this doll in a box of my old baby doll clothes, maybe she didn’t like it or she was probably crying for some other reason.  I’m still searching for the perfect baby doll for her.  This is no easy task, let’s face it… most dolls are creepy. CREEPY MC Creepster.  Those dolls that cry and talk and stuff, well, we sure don’t need any more noise around here from fake babies, our noise quota is filled daily by real ones.  Then those silly fancy dolls that sit on shelves and stare at you, umm, not a fan. They remind me of an episode of hoarders. 

I really did love playing with dolls when I was little and I’m sure little h will too, but man, finding the right one is tough.

One of my favorite little girls in the world, we’ll call her Katy, has this doll that she loves.  This doll is so loved that she has been affectionately covered decorated with permanent marker.  Here’s the best part, as in the very best, one of the funniest things you’ll ever read, right now… she named her doll, Josharoni.  Yes, Josharoni, after her two favorite things in the whole world, her cousin Joshua and macaroni… Josharoni.  If that doesn’t make your day, I can’t help you.  Anyways, that was a year ago, I hope Josharoni and Katy are doing well, I miss them.

Here’s another story about dolls.  But, this one is not funny and it will not be the best thing you hear all day.  It might give you nightmares.  When the mister took me on our very first date, we visited the gorgeous Huntington Botanical Gardens and Museum in San Marino, California. We walked around, took pictures, looked at rare first editions of books, sat under a willow tree, and played in the children’s garden. One of our stops was a tea room.  It was delightful.  It was so adorable watching that boy nervous as can be, experience his first tea time, trying to impress me… I mean, he must have really liked me to do that. 

We were having the most splendid time when this large group of people filed into the room.  They were eccentric to say the least, wearing capes and long lace gloves. And to my great dismay, they were all holding dolls.  HAUNTING, horrifying gothic dolls. Nightmare dolls. These creepsters were having a creepy tea party with their dolls.  I still remember catching a glimpse of one of those little porcelain faces and I regret it to this day.  I wish I lived in a world where this story was made up, but it’s real.  Now you know my apprehension towards certain dolls.

Another time I was happily strolling through an antique store and in the corner of the room, I spotted an aquarium filled with doll heads.  Eeeek. I’m sorry to plant that visual in your head. 

When I was three, I got this doll and named her Katie.  I still have her tucked away  in my closest.  She has been through a lot, her head fell off a few times and her hair is quite a tangled mess now, but she was a good doll, poor ugly Katie.

When I was nine, I got Samantha, from this little known company called American Girl, you’ve probably never heard of it.  This was back when there were only five different dolls to choose from, not 103.  I liked her too, but a few years later, I became more interested in such things as clothes and boys. She’s in a box in the closet, hanging out with Katie.

Well, like I said, I’m still looking for the right doll for my little girl and when I see it I will know.  She’s only two months old, so we still have time.  No reason to rush into a decision that will be a huge mistake.  A girl’s first doll is a big deal.

So, tell me, did you have a favorite doll?  Did you ever witness a creepy doll tea party?  Reminisce with me.


  1. We regularly get the magazine for the American Girl doll and every time we do, your dad thinks of you.

  2. I had Samantha too! She is in her box somewhere in my parents house I believe. I was also a HUGE cabbage patch fan as a kid. I even had a record and watched the tv show.

  3. Josharoni is something else, isn't it? LOL!

    I know lil' H is crying her heart out but that picture is adorable.

  4. When I was little... I loved Little House on the Prairie. So my mom made me this little cloth doll.. complete with hand-made clothes, which included bonnets to cover her yarn hair, aprons, which of course every prairie girls needs, and dresses. I loved it! And she made my little sis a matching doll, only her doll had brown hair.


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