Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hello and a list

After a dramatic visit to Urgent Care and spending the last two days in bed, I’m feeling much better. The husband had to go back to work, after all, someone has got to make the money, so we’re taking it easy at home today. 
If you were over drinking coffee, here are some things I’d tell you.
  1. We have a car now. It even has four doors, we’re moving up in the world. 
  2. My husband was finally able to set up a network for our computers and printer, so we’re all wireless and hi-tech now.  It’s fun.
  3. I still love my Kindle.  I read this book in four days.
  4. New fabric arrived in the mail!  I’m thinking of fun summer outfits for the little lady. More to come on that matter.
  5. Birth announcements going out by the end of the week, I can’t wait to share them.  I also can’t wait to see how many people think they are weird.
  6. Loving the new Adele album.
  7. Also loving The Civil Wars.
  8. Eight more days until North Carolina/South Carolina.  I need warmth and sunshine and my friends like caffeine addicts need coffee, oh wait, I need that too.  I also need the ocean.   But I will certainly miss my boys.
  9. The end of this winter will probably be in the top 20 greatest moments of my LIFE and that list is full of great moments, so you know how serious this is.
  10. I’m feeling the urge to blog about other things that my kids.  I mean, they’re great, but really… this isn’t the H&H show. 
  11. I also have some other posts coming that are a bit more thoughtful, because you know, I have thoughts and I like to write about them, that’s what happens when you are a writer.  It just turns out that maybe not everyone will like those thoughts.  Yet, as a writer, you must be true and honest, otherwise you might as well shovel your words into a trash bag and throw it on the curb.
Well, that’s all.  There are climbing toddlers and needy babies over here… actually, just one of each (thank the Lord). 


  1. Great post.

    You're heading South? Enjoy - the weather is so nice right now. Enjoy the break.

    I hear you on other thoughts that not everyone will like. My blog is really reflective a lot of the time. Not sure everyone wants to know about all of that, but, that's what I feel so that's what I write. Go with what you're feeling!

    Glad you still love your kindle :) Me too.

  2. urgent care? 2 days in bed!? that doesn't sound good. so glad you're on the mend.

    have a wonderful trip! so jealous of your week in the warm sunshine. bring some back for the rest of us. :)

    so glad to hear about your car. God is good. and we're jealous of your network over here. we are still passing external hard drives back and forth...and emailing documents to print. ;)

  3. 1. YAY!!
    3. Jealous.
    5. Can't wait to see.
    6. A little disappointed. Need a couple more listens though.
    7. Yes.
    11. No apologies for your thoughts my friend. It's the internet- you can be all kinds of crazy if you want.

  4. doing a little blog/internet catching up~ so sorry you were sick. i hope you're feeling completely better by now.

    so happy that you're going on a little trip. have the best time.

  5. Yay for new cars! I meant to comment on this post ages ago, sorry for the delay. :)


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