Saturday, March 19, 2011

The H & H Weekly 6 and 7

It appears that I missed a couple weeks, but it’s not like I wasn’t traveling the country or enjoying tons of family visits… so obviously, I have no good excuse.  I’m sure by now you are experiencing a serious H and H deficiency and I apologize. Silly life getting in the way of blogging.

P.S. Did you know that having two kids is a serious job?  You probably didn’t know.

So, here’s a look back at week 6 with my little H’s.

IMG_7397We bravely went where millions have gone before… a visit to the Mall of America, also known as the most insane place in the world. Also known as crazy, insanity land.  Also known as a place we never wish to return.  But we met Woody. So that’s cool.


This lovely is smiling like it’s her job, which it pretty much is.  Her other job is to be really cute, eat, sleep, and fill endless diapers.  What a tough little life.  But, seriously, most lovely smile ever.



Week 7

This one spent the weekend with the daddy, while us girls were out of town.  He visited the children’s museum and from what I hear, he’s a big fan.




This little lady had a big week.  First flight on a airplane.  First time meeting all her aunties.  First visit to the ocean. Experiencing the warm spring air of Charleston, the feeling of the warm sunshine and the cool breeze (read: NOT FREEZING, BITTER WIND) on her face.  She kicked her little bare feet in delight in her stroller, as we took in the lovely city and the beautiful weather.  Literally, summer existed for the first time in her life and I know she was a little sad to come home to snow.  But she missed her daddy and brother very much and is happy to be home and not so busy.


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