Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charleston Part 2- The Coffee

I probably don’t even have to write a single word on this post, because you know my affection for coffee.  After all, coffee is my love language.  One of the things I anticipated the most on our little reunion trip was the coffee dates.  In college, these happened daily.  Sometimes we had hours to spare, sometimes, we’d fly to Starbucks on Friday afternoons with 15 minutes until our next class for a latte.  Occasionally, we walked in late, but you need priorities. 

In Charleston, we visited the most incredible coffee spot called Hope and Union.  The décor was simple, bright, and cheery. We all gathered around a family sized table with benches, drinking iced coffee served in mason jars. The perfect way to kick off our trip.

IMG_7496  IMG_7497

I just love this photo.  Even little lady knows a perfect coffee date when she sees one.  I’m so proud.


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