Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charleston Part 3- The City

Dreaming of Charleston today, as the ground that was finally free of snow for the first time since November is once again covered.  Overnight.  Oh, Minnesota, you’re on thin ice (pun intended).  In attempts to save myself from sinking into serious, snow-covered despair, here’s some more Charleston for you.


al fresco dining at Monza


beautiful storefronts


IMG_7531 IMG_7544

coffee shop courtyards

IMG_7571 IMG_7578

the ocean

IMG_7639IMG_7658 IMG_7662IMG_7666 IMG_7673

Strolling through parks and breathtaking little streets, filled with the most beautiful homes.

Sigh, I’m not sure that this made me feel better or not, oh well.  Do you have a city that stole your heart in just one visit? I’d love to hear about it.


  1. i've always wanted to go to charleston. looks like i'll have to~ it's lovely!

  2. absolutely drooling over your trip photos. i've always wanted to visit charleston!

    so glad you had a fabulous time with your gal pals. it looks like little h did too. :)

    just got the birth announcement--it turned out super cute!


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