Friday, March 4, 2011

Today is for lots of little thoughts dancing through the air like a parade of fireflies.

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Today, I’m dreaming of mason jars filled with wild flowers and sunshine pouring in through open windows accompanied by a sweet breeze.
Today, I feel the beginnings of creative stirrings deep inside, waiting to be discovered at the right time.
Today, I am learning that turning off the outside world and jumping in headfirst to being a mom is often the best thing to do. for me. for them.
Today, I prefer music that is melancholy and charming.
Today, it’s grey and mellow.
Today, the world is still encumbered by mountains of  dull and dirty snow.
Today, there are many words  in my head waiting to be released, yet they remain jumbled and too raw.
Today, my babies are sweet and wonderful.
Today, I am in love with this boy I met on a mountain in California.
Today, I wonder what comes next, because I feel something stirring… adventure and purpose are calling. 
Today, I’m a dreamer and tomorrow too.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Sounds like today was a beautiful day for your soul to take a deep sigh and just be.

    Thinking of you my far away friend,



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