Wednesday, March 9, 2011

for the love… it’s snowing again, but the good news is…

Tomorrow I am boarding a plane with the little Harpster and heading south.  First destination North Carolina, where I shall meet up with some of my favorites and get to see three of the coolest little boys.   Then, we load up a rockin’ minivan and head to Charleston to meet three more lovelies for an unforgettable weekend of college friend reunion ultimate amazing extravaganza fun.

I’m quite certain that these ladies are some of the most amazing people ever created and I know that my college adventure would never have been the same without them.  Oh, the golden years.  Were they really so long ago?  Where have all the cowboys gone? It’s always been you,  Summer.  Oops, sorry.  And now we’re all grown up and spread out across the country… and that my readers, is a travesty.   A serious travesty. No wonder the world is falling apart.


I’m still in shock that this trip is actually happening, I mean, we’ve tried to plan a lot of trips, but this time we did more than try.  We planned it.  We booked.  We planned.  We dreamed. We schemed.  We sent approx. 1,000 group e-mails.  We convinced husbands to watch the little boys.  Plane tickets were purchased.  Menus were planned.  T-shirts were mentioned and never made.  Way to go, us.  

Friends Thanksgiving 2006 039

I don’t think this trip could come at a better time, because…

It’s snowing again. 


However, two members of the family are not as excited about our little trip as we are, but I know they will have fun doing boy stuff.  They are best friends.  I hope they survive without us…. I hope we survive without them.

I’ll be back to blogging next week. 

P.S. winter, be gone when I get home. OR ELSE.


  1. This is my favorite post to date. :)

  2. We had the same idea. And I love it. Thank you. And for a change I will say...see you SATURDAY! And mean it.


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